A native of Trinidad, Artist Joseph C. Grant, Jr., grew up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, New York and is the youngest of 11 children. Creative and talented at a young age, he attended New York’s High School of Art & Design where he studied Art, Photography, and Media Production. After attending New York Technical College, for Marketing he would eventually return to his love of Fine Art.

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Radio / Broadcasting

 The mission of the Real X-Perience Show is to return man back to his rightful place in the community. The goal is always to uplift and encourage.
The Real X-Perience Show is hosted by Real, on Real brings his wisdom and wealth of knowledge to an audience that seeks the unadulterated truth.
Each Sunday from 9:30pm to 11:30pm you will hear:

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Fueled by his obligations to the streets and revenge, Slim is put in the dubious position of avenging his brother’s death against “Big Ed,” one of the most ruthless and connected men in the neighborhood. Big Ed is forced to settle a beef with Slim’s brother that has a fatal conclusion. The streets of Brooklyn run red with blood as these two men wage war and do their best to defend their honor. The story takes a complex twist when, Big Ed’s son and heir to the “Drug Lord’s” empire falls in love and has second thoughts about his father’s life style in the midst of this brutal street battle. Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn is the backdrop for this tale of romance, mayhem and choices that will take you on an emotional ride from start to finish.

Comics Turnt Up from Rob Stapleton on Vimeo.

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Education / literature

Arts To Literacy (ATL) made its debut in Brooklyn, NY and migrated to Miami after identifying the inequalities in educational opportunities that children below the poverty line are expected to endure. ATL introduces young people to an entrepreneurial world of art and entertainment while cultivating healthy self-expression paradigms, problem solving skills, self-control and academic achievement.

ATL’s mission is to use art, filmmaking and creative writing to teach personal sustainability, foster crucial life-skills, build self-esteem and ignite hope for the future of the disenfranchised youth of Miami- Dade. It is our vision to eradicate the “cradle to penitentiary” mentality that has eroded the ambition of our youth for far too long.

The program is designed to identify each participant’s strength and grant them the opportunity to apply those strengths artistically and express themselves through fine art, writing and producing short films as well as writing and publishing literature on their own from start to finish. Through this process children in the program learn the invaluable critical thinking and life skills involved in taking their dreams from inception to reality and most importantly self-sustainability for navigating in a world that is too often closed to them.

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A female chorus supports the song in a way that honors Chubb’s 1980s roots, the same era that inspired The High & Mighty. To begin the second verse, the BK MC raps, “Well coming back…to whatever year, this is / Still cold chillin’, you know the biz / We’re still rockin’ shell-toe Adidas / Short walk, c’mon, Cleetus / Nutty professor, in the sector / If ya bust pipes, you must have pressure / the Aqua-man with the scepter / I got jokes, Eddie Murph’ for the hecklers / Test if ya want, I’ll taunt you / Scary, ain’t it? I’ll haunt you.

Prince Paul Reminds That 3 Is The Magic Number, With DOOM, Chubb Rock & Wordsworth (Audio)

The beat breaks at the end with a classic nod to late-1980s Dance-Rap. Chubb Rock and DJ Mighty Mi created a vibe that’s timeless and feel-good, all reinforced by skills.

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Don’t think of this product or service as your third favorite, think of it as the bronze medalist in an Olympic medals sweep of great products/services.

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Ghetto Eyez Publishing is a full service, independent, production company that takes the vision of urban cultures and present them to mainstream America. We will provide a platform for artist to express themselves through literature, music, movies and fine art under one umbrella. It is our goal to redefine the perceived definition of urban culture. We will organize and unite the voices of independent artist.

Although we follow traditional methods in creating, publishing and marketing our product, we constantly explore new technologies and marketing techniques, implementing them whenever it is deemed both proper and necessary to maintain our preeminent position.

Ghetto Eyez Publishing LLC is not just in the business of creating quality, educational and entertaining products for its consumers; we are developing attitudes and stimulating minds. We expect to grow and achieve above average finical returns by publishing literature, art and videos that our market segment can relate to and appreciate.

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