Our Story

Ghetto Eyez Publishing LLC was founded by Joseph C. Grant, Jr. in 2003. It was created as a tool to give independent creatives a platform to express themselves on a competative level.

Ghetto Eyez Publishing LLC is dedicated to the creation, marketing and distribution of quality literature, art and motion pictures. We intend to increase our basic business by marketing and distributing a new product line in each of these areas once a year.

The release of each product launch will be followed by a regional or national tour, depending on the size of the project. We will also secure distribution of each product by owning our own streaming network. This strategy will help to control and supply a greater demand.  Ghetto Eyez Publishing LLC. will also monitor distribution by contracting a national road management team to work in conjunction with our already existing distributing team. 

We will achieve our business expectations by solidifying high-quality journalist, authors photographers, editors and marketers.  Our marketing team will help to keep us in tune with the shifts in consumers and market trends. We will diversify our product line to reflect our primary markets attitude at the time.

We will accomplish this transition with the utmost care by protecting our primary strength: outstanding product quality.  To improve our already – high quality standards, we plan to update our graphic design and multi-media capabilities by obtaining an in house design stations and utilizing the most qualified and creative graphic design and editing teams. 

Ghetto Eyez Publishing LLC will create a tight knit network of business affiliates (a Syndicate) in the field of fashion, music, entertainment, film and book publishing. We want to enhance our national product awareness and product image, especially in the urban markets through out the world.

Meet the Team

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Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

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Eric Teagan

Vice President

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Timothy Barrett


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